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The Old Philadelphia City Lifestyle has been the secret to finding the simple life. A place where life moves a little fast and family comes first. Philadelphia is a remarkable old city and our contemporary neighborhood still has a scenic touch of Colonial times with old fashioned home cooking and recipes from the good old days.

It is a trip down memory lane.

I am a collector that very much enjoys designing and creating my own style. We offer sales on art and antiques regularly so please check in often to see what is available.

Follow me as I meet with customers from all over the world who love to collect art and antiques. Our features include “BnB Antiques & Art Gallery Tours”, Bed & Breakfast Accommodations, Interior Design advice as well as ideas to create a new look in your own home. I truly enjoy this historical city and lifestyle, I am thankful for the opportunity to share it with others. One of my favorite sayings is...

“We’re neighborhood people. And that’s what Philly is: neighborhoods...

That’s why this all works. —Philadelphia Magazine” 

If you feel the same way, this is the place for you! So grab yourself a cup of Coffee... Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy!

Kurt Costello - Certified Professional Appraiser


~ Visit our Pop Up Shop ~


Event Details

Pop Up Shop - Tent Sale in Delaware

Fall Sale 2019

Saturday & Sunday 9 AM - 5 PM

Pop Up Shop and Tent Sale

we have new and contemporary items such as... 

Glamping Accessories - (also known as) Luxury Camping tents, bedding, lighting & furniture

Seasonal Decorative Pillows

check out the most valuable items anyone can find at our shop...

Silverware, Antique Silver and Pewter, Antique Musical Instruments, Depression Glass, Antique Photographs, Perfume Bottles, Antique Christmas Ornaments, Canning Jars, Arts and Crafts Era Furniture, Mid Century Chairs, Antique Luggage, Elaborate Picture Frames, First-edition Books, Globes & Maps, Antique Lamps

Contact Us For More Details

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Delaware: 302-650-3153

Pop up Shop Location & Address: 28289 Broadkill Rd Milton, DE 19968

Saturday-Sunday 9:00 AM  - 5:00 PM  


Latest News:

2019 - Bread n Butter Antiques, LLC is excited to report that we received our D-U-N-S Number and we are working diligently to complete our corporate profile. Dun and Bradstreet collects data from thousands of sources and puts it through a rigorous quality process before it creates a company file and assigns a DUNS number.

BnB Antiques & Art Gallery in Philadelphia features amazing examples of why it is important to take our time and always consider the possibilities for recycling to avoid pollution. For example, some services simply clean out and throw everything away. With Antiques and Art, the opportunities for recycling are endless. We help Antiques and Art find their way into new shops and happy homes around the world. BnB Antiques is excited about an item from our collection that was recently purchased for a museum in Hong Kong. This rare Nasco-Raggedy Ann Doll made in Hong Kong by The Bobbs-Merrill Company in 1975 traveled home to be on display at the Hong Kong Design Institute #design #museum #curate #art #vintage #conservation #creativity #inspiration #international #articulation

2019 - BnB Antiques added a new bed and breakfast location with luxury camping accommodations in Millsboro, Delaware. Our new location is within walking distance of the Indian River.

October 2019, The BnB Antiques Pop up Shop in Milton, Delaware falls under our Valuations Department. The Talley Family has been from Delaware for over 330 years. Any family that has recorded their history for more than 300 years is significant for the purposes of historical conservation and preservation. Perhaps items that have a historical significance can be saved from being discarded or sold at a yard sale. Without a professional valuation, there is a risk that some important items could be lost forever. Estate Sales are another way to accomplish this objective; however they often focus on liquidation of assets for monetary purposes. Our focus is always on conservation and preservation of family history for educational purposes. 

~ Visit our Pop Up Shop ~

Event Details

Pop Up Shop - Tent Sale in Delaware

Fall Sale 2019

Saturday & Sunday 9 AM - 5 PM

Pop Up Shop and Tent Sale

Contact Us For More Details

Pop up Shop Location & Address: 28289 Broadkill Rd Milton, DE 19968

Saturday-Sunday 9:00 AM  - 5:00 PM  



My friend in Milton wanted to downsize and so I went over to help out. His family has been from Delaware for more than 330 years so visiting is always an educational experience. We enjoy spending time together as farmers have great stories and they know how to fix everything. 

Downsizing can be difficult at any age. What to keep and what to toss is probably on everyone's agenda at some point. I wanted to come up with a clever way to help out. Instead of the traditional estate sale we got a tent and opened a little pop up shop where he could sell anything from his collection. 

His home is near a local Wildlife Refuge and certainly a beautiful place to visit. We set up our canvas tent in the yard facing the vineyard and decided it was time to go glamping. We have found a lot of fun stuff at the pop up shop to fill up our glamping tent, and sometimes we enjoy a campfire under the stars roasting marshmallows. 

My friend is having a good time and downsizing in the process. It can be hard to let go of things but perhaps a little easier when something is going to a good home. Giving away a toy to a little boy or selling a fishing pole for a dollar to a neighbor going fishing is fun. 

The best part is meeting people who live in the community as well as visitors. There are not really any price tags in the pop up shop because my friend is 82 and the rule is that he is allowed to sell items for any price he desires or give stuff away if he likes. We wanted to say thank you to our customers who came by even when the temperature was 100 degrees. We hope you enjoy pictures of our pop up shop and glamping adventure.




  • In 2019, BnB Antiques added a new line of business – Delaware Notary Public - Commissioned independent Delaware Notary Public, approved and authorized to perform notarial acts in the State of Delaware.


  • In 2020, we are working diligently to add a third bed and breakfast location with luxury camping accommodations... more information coming soon!





the biggest trend of 2019

 The contribution of each and every one to preserve the natural resources of our planet is crucial for the generations to come.

In every task to be completed one needs to consider the possibilities to avoid pollution, waste and spillage as well as the opportunities for recycling.



Historic Philadelphia, PA 

& Millsboro, DE


Family Heirlooms are an important part of history. As a Director Member at the Winterthur Museum, I am working diligently to utilize educational information and resources at the museum, garden and library to ensure precious historical items are saved for future generations.

Japanese Maple-Winterthur 

Every family has a legacy to preserve...
Family heirlooms and their history can be saved for future generations.

Valuations of Antiques and Art are completed for many purposes...

Probate, estate, tax, and equitable distribution
Dissolution of marriage and business transactions
Expert witness testimony
Insurance Coverage
Damage Claims
Charitable contributions
General knowledge of values

Valuation Fees are based on an hourly rate.


 ~ Contact us today! ~

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tel: 215-291-4539 


Millsboro, Delaware

Tel: 302-650-3153


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