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BnB Antiques and Art Gallery has five beautifully designed guest rooms that offer the perfect retreat for overnight stays. It is a short path between old and new where each meticulously clean room boasts luxurious bedding, custom antique furniture with handpicked artwork, fixtures, rugs, living plants and fresh flowers. We understand the design elements that remain timeless.


The BnB Antiques and Art Gallery is open daily and operates as a full-service bed and breakfast as well as hosting private events, corporate office functions and gallery tours in historical Philadelphia.

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BnB Antiques and Art Gallery
BnB Antiques & Art Gallery - Library Guest Bedroom
This Luxury Home ranks among the best value properties in Philadelphia;
based on price, location and consumer ranking.
Guest reviews have an extraordinary level of overall satisfaction.


There is a type of dance that occurs when a well-trained team of people work together. Harmony and melody, meter and verse, they all know where to place each step, which part of the song or dance is theirs to sing, and the great pride that comes when the song is sung, the book closed, and that guest is radiant when they say their farewell. There is nothing better than the satisfaction of a job well done in the hospitality and service industry. 


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The truth about the hospitality industry is simple; it is all done with ebb and flow. We take notice of the little details before and after each guest check-in. This makes the difference between delighted smiles of satisfaction instead of frustration when guests leave.

We take our time and make an extraordinary effort towards making each guest feel welcome and appreciated. A team of professionals begin each day with attention to detail, an exceptionally clean room of course, as well as a personal touch that tells our guests that we know them, we have anticipated their needs, and we want everyone to have an exceptional visit.

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Pennsylvania: 215-291-4539 | Delaware: 302-650-3153

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