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Antique and vintage furniture pieces always held a value of their own but now they have found a new design role. Many who bought antique furniture in the past had a vintage home design. Now home designers have started to combine antique and vintage furniture pieces with modern home design and the result is extraordinary.

-SOLD- Antique Bankers Chair with Original Leather Seat Cushion 1885-1894

"The Marble & Shattuck Company, Bedford Ohio name, was used from 1885 to 1894. A fire destroyed the plant and all of its finished stock one year after forming. Mr. Shattuck withdrew his support after this loss and outside interests gained control of the company. Mr. Marble stayed with the company and directed its manufacturing operations until 1895. Mr. Marble left the company, purchased a small plant and continued to manufacture furniture under the name of the B. L. Marble Chair Company. Mr. Shattuck joined him in this endeavor. The B. L. Marble Chair Company gained a national reputation for quality chairs. About 1901, the Marble & Shattuck Company moved to a new facility in Cleveland. 



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