Bread n Butter Antiques, LLC

Kurt Costello has a new way of finding antiques... dig them up from under the ground. A few items in his gallery have not seen the light of day in almost 80 years. A story set in a historical Philadelphia neighborhood shows how fascinating it can be to dig up some history.


Antique Milk Bottle - Individual Milk Dealers Association, Philadelphia, PA

Bread n Butter Antiques LLC

Kurt Costello - Owner, Collecting Items For Display In The Art Gallery, Curator

The next generation of collector. Some speculate that there are no antiques left, however Kurt thinks there is another way to see it and he is most interested in educating others about their valuables. - Kurt is a Certified Professional Appraiser. 

Kurt is a collector of antiques and art with a passion for provenance and photography. The BnB Gallery is an alternative space to showcase art & antiques and we invite artists to display their work along with the art and antiques in the collection.


Kurt Costello-Certified Professional Appraiser


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